Energy saver

Philips Energy Savers

Rs. 290.00

  • Company : Philips
  • Product Type : Energy Saver
  • Year : 2014
  • Capacity : 18, 23, 24 and 25 Watt
  • Colors : White
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Product Description

Energy savers are the lighting bulbs that are most commonly used as home appliance. They are not restricted to be put any specific area, instead they are the low energy consumption bulb that can be installed or place any where on streets, in homes or offices. It provides opportunity to save electricity and money as well. The most dynamic feature or you can say the advantage of Energy Saver is that, they fight against climate change and protect our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions radiations. There are so many national and international companies present in Pakistan which are manufacturing and selling their energy saver products.

Energy Saver Prices

11 walt Genie Rs. 370
14 walt Essential Rs. 290
11 walt Genie Rs. 370
14 walt Essential Rs. 325
23 walt Tornado Rs. 363
24 walt Tornado Rs. 389



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